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Change Your Contact Lens Routine With These 10 Insider Tips

Change Your Contact Lens Routine With These 10 Insider Tips

, by mamoonsky, 5 min reading time

Having trouble fitting contact lenses? Our expert tips can help! From finding a comfortable position to waiting patiently, check your lenses thoroughly and lift your eyelids for easier fitting. Avoid wearing your lenses on irritated eyes, and always wear makeup after wearing your lenses. Trim your fingernails, use lubricating eye drops, and never rub your eyes.

How to apply hard-to-fit contact lenses

If you have trouble fitting contact lenses, here are some tips that will make you an expert in no-time!

Don't apply your contact lenses in haste

Make sure you have a regular and comfortable place to sit

Be patient

Check the lenses thoroughly before use

Lift your eyelids to place the lens

Place lens gently on eye

Don't rub your eyes

Trim the short nails

Never apply contact lenses if your eyes are red, irritated, or tired

Makeup after using contact lenses

1. Applying contact lenses quickly is not a good idea

This will make you feel more stressed and anxious, which can lead to failure. Allow yourself plenty of time so you can relax and enjoy the process. Once you become better and easier at it, you'll need less time to insert lenses.

2. Keep a regular and comfortable place to sit

As you remove or put on your lenses, make sure that the space is well-lit and has a large mirror. You will not need this as you gain experience and be able to use your lenses almost anywhere.

3. Be patient

It might take you a couple of tries before you succeed. This is normal especially for those who are just starting to wear contact lenses.

4. Be sure to check the lenses thoroughly before using them.

After removing the lenses from their packaging place the lens onto the index finger of the dominant hand. Check them thoroughly to ensure they're free of dust or debris before you apply them. Also, check that the lenses do not face inward.

5. Eyelids must be lifted before lens is placed.

With the other hand, lift the top lid upwards and lower the bottom lid.

6. Put the lens gently on the pupil

For the best placement, gently and slowly place the lens onto the eye.

7. Don't rub your eyes

Rub your eyes gently. It can cause the lenses to bend. Blink a couple of times. This helps the contact lenses to settle in a comfortable location.

8. Trim the short nails

Trim your nails to a short length for this task.

9. You should not apply contact lenses to an eye that is irritated.

Contact lenses should not be applied to eyes that are irritated, tired or swollen.

10. Apply creams and makeup AFTER removing contact lenses

After applying contact lenses, apply creams and makeup.

Bonus Tip! Use Artificial Tears or Lubricating Drops: Use lubricating tears before inserting and removing lenses to make insertion easier.

Don't give up! It's a new skill, so there will be a learning period. You will soon become less sensitive and less aware of your contact lenses. Many patients give up when they find it difficult to fit contact lens, believing that lenses simply aren't right for them. The greater freedom of vision that contact lenses give you is well worth the effort. Additionally, contact lenses allow you to live an active lifestyle that glasses cannot. Alternating between types and eyeglasses can be ideal. This allows the eyes to rest after wearing contacts for a while.


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