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Dry Eyes No More: Discover the Magic of Scleral Lenses!

Dry Eyes No More: Discover the Magic of Scleral Lenses!

, by nanmoon, 4 min reading time

Scleral lenses are a highly effective treatment for dry eye syndrome, providing sharp vision and improved comfort by keeping eyes hydrated. Unlike traditional lenses, scleral lenses vault over the cornea, maintaining a reservoir of saline that soothes and protects the eye all day. To maximize benefits, ensure proper hygiene when handling lenses, follow your eye doctor's maintenance instructions, and attend regular check-ups to ensure optimal fit and health. With these tips, scleral lenses can significantly alleviate dry eye symptoms and improve daily comfort.

How to treat dry eyes, tiredness and discomfort with Scleral Lenses

dry eye syndrome can be a condition where the patient's eyes do not produce enough lubrication. The eyes could be producing too few tears or of poor quality. Tear instability is a condition that can lead to irritation, inflammation, or even damage of the surface of the eyes.

Dry eyes are not only uncomfortable but can also cause damage in the long term. People with dry eyes might experience blurry vision and burning. Dry eyes can be noticed more when in certain circumstances, like while using a computer for a long time, in air conditioned rooms or on planes.

Treatments can be found to make you feel more comfortable. These include lifestyle changes and eye drops with hydrating properties. It may be necessary to treat an underlying problem, such as a certain medication or eyelid disorder that is contributing to your dryness.

What exactly are scleral Lenses?

Scleral contacts is one of the most effective treatments for dry eye syndrome. The traditional contact lenses are uncomfortable for those with this condition. They can cause redness, irritation, and the feeling of something in your eyes.

Scleral lenses provide sharp and clear vision, as well as improved symptoms. Scleral lenses differ in many ways from traditional contact lens--most importantly, they're larger and are custom-fitted to provide superior comfort and functionality.

Scleral lens are gas permeable. This means they allow oxygen through to help maintain your eye health. Your cornea could be more sensitive to dry eye conditions than usual. Scleral lens' shape addresses this problem. They don't touch the cornea directly, but instead vault over it. This allows hydrating fluids to fill the space between cornea and lens.


How does scleral contact lenses treat dry eyes syndrome?

Dry eye symptoms can be exacerbated by traditional soft contact lenses that absorb moisture. Scleral lenses keep the eye hydrated, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

Fill the saline lens with solution before applying it. The vaulted lenses keep this saline on the surface of the eye for all day. This constant moisture creates the ideal conditions for healing and comforting dry eyes. Scleral lens covers more of the surface area of your eye, protecting it from external irritations.


Useful tips for scleral lenses

You will have to learn a lot if you're trying sclerals for the very first time. Once you have a few basic tips, these lenses can be very comfortable and easy to care for.

Rinse them and fill them correctly. You should always follow the instructions of your eye physician for maintaining your contact lenses. Rub them thoroughly after removing them to remove any surface microorganisms or debris. Next, rinse the lenses with saline solutions and store them appropriately.

Remove your lenses when it is appropriate. Remove scleral lenses about an hour before bedtime. You can remove the lenses earlier if necessary. It may be necessary to adjust the saline solutions or the fit of your lens if they become fogged. You can treat and address the issue of inadequate eyelid cleanliness. Visit your optometrist or remove and reapply the scleral lenses.

Insert your lenses with good hygiene. Keep your fingernails trimmed to prevent scratching. Be sure to wash hands before putting on your lenses. If you are applying your lenses to a flat, smooth surface, they will not be damaged and easy to locate if one is dropped.

Follow-up appointments are important. Your eye doctor should examine your eyes regularly, and you should follow their recommendations. This will allow them to check that your lenses don't cause damage. So that the lenses continue to correct your vision and fit properly, you should visit your eye doctor regularly.


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