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Guide to “Eye Exercises”: If you want to lower eye pressure and relieve eye fatigue, start with daily maintenance!

, by mamoonsky, 6 min reading time

In this digital age, we often use 3C products for a long time, which makes our eyes feel uncomfortable. In order to maintain eye health, here are some suggested eye care methods and strategies. First of all, we can relieve eye fatigue through “eye exercises”. Regular blinking, looking away, and moving the eyeballs from side to side can effectively relieve eye muscle tension and reduce eye fatigue. Secondly, daily maintenance is also the key to protect your eyes.

Our eyes can become uncomfortable when we use 3C products for a long time. We will discuss eye care techniques and strategies in this article to maintain your eyes. We will show you not only how to relieve eye discomfort with eye exercises but also how to prevent eye discomfort by maintaining your eyes daily.

What are eye exercises?Eyeball exercises or eye exercises such as up-and-down, left-and right rotation, focusing on objects close and far, adjusting the light and darkness, etc. have the purpose of reducing eye fatigue and preventing a variety eye diseases. They also form part of many elementary school health curriculums. 

What are the benefits of eye exercises? Does it improve eye fatigue?

Eye exercises can have a variety of effects depending on the person. However, most people will notice a significant improvement when they practice regularly. This is especially true for people who need to use 3C products frequently or those who spend a lot of time looking at things.

Dry and itchy eyes

Itchy, dry eyes can be a problem for people who are constantly looking at computer screens, cell phone screens, or read for extended periods. In more severe cases, this may cause dry eyes. By increasing the blood flow to the eyes, eye exercises can alleviate symptoms. Some sports, for example, require you to move your gaze from close to far, and then back again. This helps to distribute tears naturally in the eyes.

Eye exercises can improve vision and reduce pressure on the eyes.

These exercises can help relieve eye pressure, but are not meant to replace professional medical care. These exercises are especially helpful for those who have had tired or stressed eyes. 

What are the benefits to doing eye exercises? You will learn 3 easy steps for eye care!

(i) Step One: Eye Movement

The Eye Exercise is a series of exercises that aims to strengthen and train the eye muscles. 

Exercise method:

Return to center after counting 15 seconds. 

Look up and count 15 seconds. Then return to your center position. Look down and count 15 seconds. Then return to the middle position.

Close your eyes, count backwards from 5 and then open them. 

Repeating the process multiple times will relax the eye muscles, and improve flexibility.

People with high myopia, or those at risk of retinal damage who can't rotate their eyes quickly.


Increases blood flow in the eye 

Helps reduce eye fatigue

Itchy and Dry Eyes Relief

Step 2: Look away, look up

The Near and Far Adjustment is a strengthening exercise for the eye muscles that improves focus.


Focus your eyes on an object that is far away and count 15 seconds. Then quickly move to a nearby object and continue counting 15 seconds.

Repeat the exercise two times.

Close your eyes, count backwards from 5 and then open them. 

This exercise will help you adapt your vision to objects of different distances.


Focusing the eyes is improved.

Prevents myopia and hyperopia

Eye fatigue can be relieved by using this product after reading for long periods or watching computer screens. 

Step 3: Massage the eye area

You can achieve a relaxing result by gently pressing around the eyes with your hands. To avoid damaging the eyeballs, this process must be done with great care. It is important to avoid pressing on the eyeballs as this can cause inflammation, bloodshot eyes and other reactions.

Exercise (can combine with round head massage sticks and eye cream). 

Each point should be held for 5 seconds.

Eyebrows - Eye Corner Points - Under the Eye


Helps reduce eye pressure 

Relaxes tight eye muscles 

Improves blood circulation in the eyes

What else can you do to improve your eye health?

Although eye exercises have unique benefits, they do not guarantee good eye health. Diet, lifestyle and a few simple, but effective, health tips are all equally important. We'll look at ways to promote eye health, in addition eye exercises.

I Focusing Eye Mask

These masks have many holes. These holes are designed to help focus the eyes, and reduce pressure on the eyeballs caused by inattention.


Focus on improving your focus

Blurred vision and blurred sight can be reduced by using this product

Train your visual focus 

Take more food to nourish your eyes

To function correctly, the eyes also need a balanced diet. Here are a few suggestions for foods and drinks that are good for the eyes. 


Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that helps maintain retinal health. It prevents retinal diseases and improves night-vision. 

Deep Sea Fish 

Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish, such as tuna and salmon, are beneficial for the health of your eyes. It lowers the risk of eye problems such as macular degeneration and fatigue. 

Spinach and other leafy Greens

These foods contain lutein and Zeaxanthin. Both nutrients have been recognized as having protective effects for the eyes.

These supplements can prevent cataracts, and age-related eye disease. They also strengthen the  immune system of the eye. 


Vitamin E and antioxidants are abundant in nuts like walnuts and seeds such as chia. They can reduce eye fatigue and prevent eye cell oxidative damage. 

The 5 keys to eye care

The eyes are the "window of the soul" that allows us to communicate with the world. Good eye care not only improves the quality of our lives, but allows us to see better. Here are 6 tips for good eye care.

Key 1: Proper Rest

Resting your eyes is important to relieve eye discomfort caused by excessive electronic device use and constant visual fatigue.

Specific recommendations 

You should follow the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes you spend on electronic devices, take 20 seconds to look at something 20 feet away. Also, make sure that you sleep enough every day. 

Key 2: Maintain good reading and sitting habits

Specific recommendations 

Ensure that your computer monitor is placed at the right height and that your chair is positioned so your neck and spine can remain in a natural position. Also, read in a place with sufficient light. 

Key 3: Selecting the correct contact lenses/eyeglasses

Unfit lenses, whether they are contact lenses or glasses, can lead to vision loss and discomfort. 

Advice for specific situations: 

Consult with a professional before choosing the correct lenses for your eyes. 

Key 4: Regular eye examinations

Only by having regular eye exams can you detect any potential problems early. 

Advice for specific situations:

A comprehensive eye exam should be performed at least once per year 

Seek medical attention immediately if you feel any discomfort.

Key 5: Use only high-quality eye care products

Poor-quality products for eye care can harm your eyes. This is especially true if you wear contact lenses frequently, as they can cause discomfort to the eye if not properly cleaned.

Advice for specific situations:

Artificial tears that contain tear liquid are recommended.

Select eye-cleaning products that are additive-free and low irritation. 

Visit followlens for more information on eye care. This is especially important since the majority of people today wear contact lenses. Eye care is even more important today, as most people use contact lenses. followlens provides not only information about proper use, but also how to select contact lenses for your eye health.

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