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Say Goodbye to Glasses Glare! Discover the Advantages of Hybrid Lenses.

Say Goodbye to Glasses Glare! Discover the Advantages of Hybrid Lenses.

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Hybrid lenses offer superior vision correction, comfort, and convenience, especially for patients with corneal astigmatism or presbyopia combined with astigmatism. Combining a rigid center with a soft skirt, hybrid lenses provide the clear vision of RGPs and the comfort of soft lenses. They are more comfortable than RGPs, provide more stable and clearer vision than soft lenses, are suitable for many users, and are easy to maintain. Ideal for those with corneal irregularities or those needing better vision than soft lenses can offer.

Hybrid Lenses: Four Benefits

Hybrid lens technology offers superior vision correction, comfort and convenience for patients who have corneal astigmatism (or presbyopia combined with astigmatism).

There are two types of contact lenses: "hard" and soft. But did you also know that there was a "happy medium"? The hybrid lenses are a lens with a rigid lens center and a soft skirt. These lenses provide the comfort and superior quality of RGPs while also providing the comfort of a soft lens. Hybrids are great for people with corneal or presbyopia astigmatism. Also, they are good for those who struggle to see clearly with soft lenses. Hybrid lenses have four distinct advantages over other types.


Hybrid lenses feel more comfortable than RGP. Many people are able to wear hard contact lenses without problems, while others find them uncomfortable. RGP lenses should be applied correctly, and your eyes need time to adjust. A few people find rigid lenses uncomfortable, particularly if their corneas have a high degree of irregularity. Hybrid contact lenses provide a comfortable compromise and are easier to wear over long periods.


Hybrids lenses are more stable than soft lenses and offer a better, clearer vision. A hybrid lens' center is made from rigid material. It does not change shape once it has been placed on the ocular surfaces and can neutralize corneal irregularities. This stability eliminates or reduces the problem that soft lenses move or adapt to the irregular corneal shapes, leaving irregular astigmatism without correction. Hybrid lenses can be used in cases where soft contact lenses cannot provide the optimal vision to patients with astigmatism.


Anyone can wear hybrid lens. Hybrid lenses are possible if you use soft contact lenses. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are a better choice. Hybrids have benefits for some patients. Hybrid lenses are a good option if you struggle with RGP lenses, but need better vision.


Hybrid lens are simple to maintain. All lenses, except for daily lenses which you discard at night, require cleaning and storage. The risk of contracting an eye infection is significantly reduced when you follow the instructions for cleaning and storing your lenses. Hybrid lenses require the same level of care as other lenses. In general, it is necessary to clean your lenses after each removal and store them in a new case with fresh hybrid solution. The majority of people adapt quickly to this routine, and it only takes a couple minutes every night.


Is hybrid lens right for me?


Hybrid lenses offer some unique features that make them better for certain people than others. The people who have the most satisfaction with hybrid lens typically:


Are you suffering from irregular corneal asymmetry?

You can have both presbyopia (presbyopia) and astigmatism

Complaint of lens rotation when using soft contacts

RGP lenses provide superior quality vision with greater comfort

Soft contacts are currently worn but the wearer still desires better vision


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