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Transform Your Vision with Scleral Lenses for Instant Relief

Transform Your Vision with Scleral Lenses for Instant Relief!

, by nanmoon, 4 min reading time

Scleral lenses offer a solution for dry eye by creating a liquid reservoir that keeps the cornea moist and undisturbed by the tear layer. These lenses, which do not contact the cornea directly, provide a smooth surface for irregular corneas, enhancing vision and comfort. While beneficial during the day, scleral lenses should not be worn overnight. Gradual adjustment is key, with wear time personalized by an eye care provider. If removal is difficult, techniques like using a moistened plunger or creating an inflated pocket can help. Temporary impression rings may appear but are generally harmless.

How can scleral lenses be used to treat dry eye?

In dry eye patients, the majority of Contact Lens problems can be attributed to the tear layer that is located over the cornea. This tear film disrupted can cause problems like limited wearing time or intolerance.

Since they do no contact the cornea, they are not considered "contact" lenses. Due to this, they do, however, not disturb the tear layer. They also create an liquid reservoir between front of eye and back of lens. This keeps the cornea moist during the entire period of time that lens is worn.

Also, for patients with irregularly formed corneas, the Scleral Lens can enhance vision by providing an even surface that protects and moistens the eye while bypassing any irregular surface caused either by tear film disruptions or irregular corneal shapes.

Do you need to wear scleral lenses at night?

Even at night, dry eye can cause problems for some people. Scleral lenses protect the eye, and help relieve symptoms of dry eye. The use of scleral (or other) contact lenses is not recommended for overnight sleep. Even a short nap is questionable. Take your lenses out of the case at night and clean them thoroughly with a solution that is approved to kill bacteria, remove deposits, and eliminate microbes.

For how long can I wear lenses every day?

As you begin to wear your new scleral lenses for the first time, it is important that you gradually adjust. Begin with a shorter wearing period and increase this each day. Since each patient is different, you may feel the lens more quickly or slower than someone else. If your eyes start to feel red or itchy, you should remove your scleral contact lenses immediately and schedule an appointment for your doctor of eye care. Once you are comfortable with your lenses, you will be instructed by your eye care provider on the number of hours that you should wear them. Your doctor and you should decide on the best wear time.

I cannot remove my lens from my eyes. What should I be doing?

If you are having trouble removing scleral contact lenses, do not panic. Ensure that the plunger is placed correctly on the glass. If you have trouble creating suction, try wetting one end of the plunger. If this does not work, you can try pushing your finger against the white of your eye directly next to the edge to create an inflated pocket underneath the lens. You can try to use the plunger to push the lens out by sliding the edge underneath the edge. If you've tried all three methods but haven’t succeeded, ask your eyecare practitioner for help.

Why is there a circle around my eyeball after wearing scleral contacts?

Scleral Lenses can sometimes leave what are known as "impressions rings". Just imagine removing socks or watches from your hands. The device will have left an imprint on your skin. You can get the same effect when removing scleral lenses. If it doesn't look red or inflamed, then you can ignore it. It will go away after a couple of minutes. Speak to your eye care professional if your eyes are red after you remove your lenses. This is especially true if it persists beyond five minutes.


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