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What are silicone lenses?

What are silicone lenses? What are silicone contact lenses?

, by mamoonsky, 2 min reading time

What are silicone lenses?

Contact lenses are commonly made from "hydrocolloid", "silicone-hydrocolloid", and "water-soluble silicone hydrocolloid". Silicone hydrocolloid lenses add silicone to the lenses in order to increase the oxygen permeability of the lenses (Dk/t). Dk/t represents the oxygen permeability of a lens (Dk - the amount of oxygen passing through it) divided by its thickness (t). This also represents the molecular weight of oxygen reaching the cornea. The higher the Dk/t the more oxygen molecules reach the cornea and the healthier your eyes will be.


Why does silicone contact lens water content tend to be lower?

Silicone contact lenses have a low moisture content, but also high oxygen permeability. The moisture content is the percentage of water that's in the lenses. This is different from the level of moisturization. Contact lenses that are exposed to air will evaporate the water. Lenses with high water contents need to be maintained by tears to keep that moisture content. This can cause dry eyes. Silicone contact lenses improve the comfort level of wearing these lenses.



Is silicone contact lens really better?

The high oxygen permeability in silicone lenses can help to improve corneal oxygen deficiency. Silicone contact lenses have some disadvantages. They are harder and thicker than hydrocolloid contact lenses. This can cause a more intense feeling of a foreign body when you wear them. We suggest that fans of me who wish to wear silicone lenses should first reduce the time they wear them to get their eyes used to the lenses, then increase the time they wear the lenses after getting used to the lenses. They can then consult with an ophthalmologist to determine if the lenses are right for them. Compatible with silicone lenses.

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