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What YWhat You Need to Know about Colored Contact Lensesou Need to Know about Colored Contact Lenses

What You Need to Know about Colored Contact Lenses

, by nanmoon, 2 min reading time

Colored contact lenses are similar to regular lenses, differing only in color. They come in various prescriptions to suit different vision needs. Even if your eyesight is perfect, you still need a prescription to ensure a proper fit and avoid eye damage. Never share lenses to prevent infections. Colored contacts cater to all eye shapes and can be used for style or fun. Always consult an eye doctor before use. Make an appointment today to explore your options!

Colored Contact Lenses: What You Should Know

They are similar to regular lens

The only difference between regular and colored contact lenses is their color. Clear lenses and colored lenses are identically designed. You won't experience any difficulties if you have worn contact lenses before. These lenses are also made to last the same time as regular ones. The lenses may be slightly thicker than regular lenses, but this difference is usually insignificant. The advantage of a thicker glass is that it's easier to insert and take out.

It is possible to have perfect vision while using colored lenses

Wearing colored contacts is not necessary if you wear corrective lenses. Contact lenses are available in many different powers. Whether your eyesight needs significant correction or is perfect, you can still change the color of your eye with these lenses. You can only be sure by visiting an eye specialist to determine whether you're a good candidate for contacts and to get the correct prescription if necessary. What brings us back to...

Prescriptions are still needed

If your vision is good and you don't need colored lenses, then it's still important to see an eye doctor. It's because contact lenses of all kinds, colored or clear, can harm your eyes if they are used incorrectly. The fit and vision of different types and brands of contact lenses can vary in each eye. Therefore, your eye doctor should check that the lenses are appropriate for you. You can order colored contacts after your eye doctor approves. They can give you a prescription. Note: This means that you should not buy colored contacts online from any retailer.

Be selfish with your lenses

If your lenses are not corrective, never share them. The colored lenses you use to alter your look may seem like makeup. Contact lenses are a great way to spread bacteria that can cause serious infections. If your lenses are completely wrong for someone, don't lend them to anyone.

Anyone who wears contact lenses can use colored contact lenses

People approach using contact lenses in different ways. Some people only want to use their contact lenses for one day, and then throw them away. Other people keep their lenses for a few weeks before removing them. Some people have "normal eyes" while others suffer from astigmatism or an imperfection of the curvature in the eye. Cosmetic colored lenses are available to fit all prescriptions and eye shapes.


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